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Organic Coffee Pods

Organic coffee pods are individual portions of coffee grounds, which are pre-sealed in a coffee filter paper.

They are similar to tea bags, which can be dipped into hot water to brew a cup of tea. But coffee pods need to be dropped into a special coffee pot that drips very hot water on the pod, providing you with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in about thirty seconds.  It is a quick, neat, and easy way to get a fresh brewed cup of coffee with every cup you drink.  There is a huge variety of flavours available to the coffee connoisseur. The ten most popular flavours are almond, cinnamon, caramel, chocolate, French vanilla, hazelnut, Irish cream, peppermint, espresso, and cappuccino.  But there are many, many more, and new combinations pop up all the time.

If you check online under organic coffee pods, you will discover hundreds of distributors, each with their own lines of coffee and choices of flavours.  You will be able to find both organic and traditional, the various roast choices and any number of flavours to pick from.  Many people, once they have tried organic coffee pods, feel that making coffee by the pot full gives you a lacklustre, stale cup of java.

They also love the convenience of not having to deal with loose coffee messes. These pods are packaged in packages of six, sixteen, or twenty-five single pods, depending on what brand you buy, and can be purchased in one flavour or style or in a mixed variety.  The pods are sixty-two mm wide and weigh seven grams each. They brew one cup of coffee per pod.

So what are the real advantages of organic coffee pods as compared to buying it loose and by the pound? The types of roast available are light, medium, dark, flavoured, and decaffeinated.  This is true of both kinds of packaging. For one thing, you won’t need a coffee grinder to get a fresh brewed cup of coffee. It is as easy to use as a tea bag, and gives you the taste of fresh home brewed coffee. And it is so much less messy than loose grounds are. The coffeemaker is also simple and easy to use.

Let’s face it. If you want a consistent, perfect cup of coffee every time, using organic coffee pods is the way to do it. There will be no mess, no waste, and the perfect taste every time you pour a cup of java!

by Paul Easton

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