5 Hottest New Coffee Spots In The U.S.

Kate Krader (@kkrader on Twitter) is Food & Wine’s restaurant editor. When she tells us where to find our culinary heart’s desire, we listen up.

Bad news for all the trazillions of coffee drinkers: It looks like the price of java will soon start climbing.

Thanks–or no thanks–to dry weather in Brazil, coffee beans are about to get pricier.

Which means that if you have to start paying more, you should make sure your cup(s) of coffee are especially great. Here are five new places for an extra good jolt of caffeine.

Joule – Raleigh, North Carolina (@joulecoffee)
At this groovy new spot in an old pawnshop, the seasonally changing coffee menu features drip coffee, cold brew, espresso, pour-over and iced pour-over coffees, which are chilled down with a coffee ice cube made with the same beans as the drink. The house chai is sweetened with sorghum, and espresso-with-milk drinks can have a shot of it added, as well. The place is the brainchild of local hero chef Ashley Christensen, who sells snacks like beer-bacon-and-cheddar muffins and sit-down dishes such as Carolina shrimp and grits.

Bad Wolf Coffee – Chicago, Illinois (@badwolfcoffee)
In this small place with turquoise walls and no chairs, the selection of drinks is small, too: Counter Culture coffee and/or Rishi tea. But the owner, Jonathan Ory, a veteran of Schwa in Chicago and Momofuku in New York, makes the place extra special with superb French pastries, including the over-the-top caramelized croissant called kouign amann. Like all the baked goods, they sell out every day.

Wright Bros Brew & Brew – Austin, Texas
Wright Bros labels itself as a new kind of watering hole, a 50/50 destination coffee shop and bar (smart). The coffee program includes Aeropress (a hand-press coffeemaker that uses air pressure to extract a wide range of flavors from grounds), filtered coffee and espresso from the local roaster Flat Track as well as Bay Area specialists Sightglass and De La Paz. And then there’s the bar: 38 craft beers on tap, plus cider and wine. Depending on what you’re drinking, you can dig into superfood granola with quinoa, flaxseed and coconut oil, or a pressed pastrami Reuben with house-made sauerkraut.

Slate Coffee Bar – Seattle, Washington (@slatecoffee)
What started as an Airstream trailer–based operation is now an honest-to-goodness coffee bar with a menu of drinks and the option of having the barista make the call for you. There’s a wide variety of precisely roasted beans here, but minimal add-ins: only whole milk or soy milk. Don’t look for the sugar or cream or chocolate macadamia nut syrup here because they don’t have any—it’s all about the coffee at Slate.

House Roots Coffee – Valencia, California (@houseroots)
For now, this tiny, super popular, 3-day-a-week pop-up coffee shop operates out of the Valencia House of Prayer. The House Roots folks are raising funds to build a brick-and-mortar place in the San Fernando Valley, and plan to donate the profits from every cup of coffee and pastry to local community programs and disaster relief. The Santa Cruz–based Verve coffee roasters and Portland, Oregon–based Heart and Coava roasters supply the beans.

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