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I had many names on my sleeves, the number one being my real name Andrea Allisor Mongal.  I personally volunteer myself for an award given to having the oddest name ever.

The second name I had was weirdo.  Classic if I do say so myself.

Third, the socially Inept Girl in this school.  Granted, I did myself no favours by constantly tripping over air and bumping into people which would ultimately result in them pushing me away from them and then bumping into someone else.  It was a never ending cycle.  Until I would bump into a locker.  The Lockers would never push me away but, they would hurt my arm.  Which really sucked.

Today was no different.

Well it was because the sixth person that I bumped into (ok, maybe it was fifth) was Jon Collins.

When I was walking to my third period, I spotted him in the rowdy crowd a few long strides down the corridor.  It wasn’t had to catch sight of Jon; he was tall, well built, and had amazing brown wavy hair.  His friends were surrounding him, laughing and messing around, all of them consumed in each other.  I smiled warmly when Jon through his head back and laughed at something his friend Karl said.

I was far too gone watching Jon that I didn’t realise I had slammed into someone.   This boy looked at me for a split second before he shoved me away.  I scrunched my eyes at him, walking on but stupidly bumping into someone else.  “Watch where you’re going Weirdo!”  And then that cycle started until I bumped into Jon.

Jon caught me by the upper arm, catching me steadily.  I sighed at his profile, his mouth slightly ajar, his warm chocolate eyes looking down at my blue pair.

“You okay?” he whispered, his eyes searching my face.  I swallowed down and nodding up at him, finding it extremely hard to string two words together.  “I’m okay,” I finally managed to whisper back.  His lips twitched, the ends of his eyes crunching.  I new he was fighting a grin and then I boggled my eyes up at him, silently asking him what was funny.

“You are wearing my shirt,” he said for explanation, his eyes lowering down to my form.  I glanced down as well and quickly looked back up at him.

“Shit.” I mouthed, pulling myself away from him and crossing my arms around my torso in hopes of hiding his shirt.  It was the Rolling Stones one and it was out worn but it was still my favourite.

Jon smiled.  His Smile at me before lowering – again! – his head closer to my ear.  “See you tonight Andy.”

His lips brushed my ear faintly and I involuntary shivered.  But then he was pulled away by his coterie and then he was gone.  I watched his retreating form, my heart softening for the boy I loved. 

I waited until my parents bedroom door was slammed shut, heard them murmuring on their beds and then waited until they both fell asleep.

I went back to my writing, my fingers holding the pen delicately as I scribbled odd notes in my grey book.  Everyone had something they became attached to and fortunately for me it was this grey book.  It was the twitter to my Instagram essentially.  See, I knew all that jazz my fellow peers got up to. But it was still hard to grasp the content of both those social media trends.


That was the sound of my mother getting up after getting comfortable in bed for the past few minutes, for a toilet visit.  I heard her open her door and walk quietly to the bathroom.  It would usually  take a few minutes for her to come out and by then I was packed up and ready to leave.

When my parents’ bedroom door slammed shut again I knew none of them would come out until the following morning.  I threw my covers off my lower body, placed my pillows carefully on the bed at odd angles and threw the covers over it messily.

I stepped back and admired my handy work before I turned off my lights and walked to the window.

The distance between my window and his window wasn’t much.  I had to just climb over the tree bark, hold onto my equilibrium and jump.  Usually I would deliver this manoeuvre gracefully.

Yet today was different and I stumbled slightly on my landing.  “Crap” I cursed, looking over my shoulders to see if anyone roaming the streets spotted me.  No one did.

I turned back around to the window and lifted my hand to knock softly but it opened almost instantly.  Jon was frowning at me.  “That was really loud.” He told me.

I shrugged at him sheepishly and pushed him aside to get in.  “I was really stupid today!  I wore your shirt and didn’t ven realise!”  I exclaimed, throwing my hands up in frustration.  Jon stepped closer to me and put both his hands over my checks.

“No one realised it Andy.”  He assured me in a soft voice.  I sighed out, leaning into his touch slightly.  My eyes flew down to his fron and I noted he was bare foot and bare chest.  That wasn’t uncommon.

Jon pulled my face up so I was looking right into his eyes.  He lowered his head until his lips grazed mine softly.  An innocent kiss that meant nothing on his part.  “I missed you.” That wasn’t uncommon either yet I couldn’t put a leash on the butterflies that few in my stomach.

Little did he know I lived for his soft kisses.

To be Continued next week.

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