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CoffeeTale… Soul Mates

A soul mate is someone who  you had a close connection with in a past life.  This person and yourself would have signed a sacred contract and had vowed to assist you with learning some lessons subsequent incarnations.  Common soul mate relationships are close friends, brothers, sisters, parents and intimate relationships.  Soul mates tend to allow us sacred space.  Soul mates tend to be on the same level as you and need to go through some similar experiences as you.  They can however be at a higher or lower level as you and when the contract is complete they may move on and you may rarely or never see them again.  We may eventually run out of soul mates as we head towards the tail end of our incarnations.  People who have lots of close friends tend to be in larger soul groups.  Large soul groups tend to leave around the same time.  If you feel alone,  detached from others and have difficulties with connections, it may be because your soul group or soul mates may have gone on ahead.  You will need to use your adaptive skills, mutable cross energy, or fixed cross energy in order to connect.  What that means is you may not be able to completely relax until you expand your base skills.  These skills include your perceptive skills and value system.  You will need to expand your consciousness to encompass others who are greatly different than you. 

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