Tanzania Arabica Coffee Prices Rise, Tracking New York Market

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) – Tanzania’s Arabica coffee prices rose at auction last week, tracking higher New York markets as demand increased, the regulator Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB) said on Tuesday.

    Prices of Robusta coffee beans fell at the second auction of the season, but all the bags on offer were sold.

    Tanzania, Africa’s fourth-largest coffee producer after Ethiopia, Uganda and Ivory Coast, produces mainly Arabica and some Robusta coffee. Prices of its Arabica normally track the New York market while those of Robusta take their cue from London.

The state-run TCB said a total of 17,235 60-kg bags were offered at the latest sale and that 15,091 bags were purchased. At the previous sale, a total of 25,693 60-kg bags had been offered for sale, with 25,560 bags sold.

East African coffee is normally packed in 60-kg bags, but the prices are quoted for quantities of 50 kg.

    “Overall average prices at the Moshi exchange were up by $5.95 per 50 kg for mild Arabica, while Robusta prices were down by $1.63 per 50 kg compared to the last auction,” TCB said in its auction report.

“Average prices were above the terminal market by $8.98 per 50 kg for mild Arabica and Robusta were above the terminal market by $13.78 per 50 kg.”

The coffee regulator says it expects a bumper harvest from the 2014/15 crop, with production seen exceeding 55,000 tonnes from around 48,700 tonnes in the previous season.

TCB said benchmark grade AA Arabica sold at $213.60-$253.00 per bag at last week’s auction, higher than $202.00-$259.00 per bag previously. The average price was $225.89 per bag, up from $219.08 at the previous auction.

    Grade A Arabica fetched $212.00-$237.60 per bag, compared with $198.00-$232.20 per bag at the previous sale. The average price was $221.19, higher than $214.55 previously.

The auction was held last Thursday. The next auction will be held on Sept. 11.

PRICE (dollars)



 Arabica AA        5,004   3,846     213.60    253.00    225.89

Arabica A         2,763   2,642     212.00    237.60    221.19

Arabica AB          835     715     226.80    243.00    230.84

Arabica B         2,738   2,138     201.00    237.00    212.76

Arabica PB        1,160   1,160     205.60    241.00    218.09

Arabica C           712     567     178.40    207.80    191.62

Robusta Organic   1,145   1,145     108.20    109.00    108.39

Robusta Superior  1,079   1,079      98.80    100.00     99.47

Robusta FAQ       1,799   1,799      96.60    101.20     99.04

(Reporting by Fumbuka Ng’wanakilala; Editing by Edith Honan and Michael Urquhart)

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