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CoffeeTale Comedy… Coffee from Nicaragua

Bob: “Here, try this cup of coffee from Nicaragua.” Jim sips it and says, “Wow! All the way from Nicaragua and it is still hot!”   Customer: Waiter, is this supposed to be coffee or tea? Waiter: What does it taste like? Customer: It tastes like gasoline! Waiter: Well, sir, that would be the coffee. […]

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CoffeeTale… Signs and Symbols

By Vladimir Nabokov A short one, we revere this story for its ability to turn every tiny detail into a portentous disaster, not to mention the fact that it’s penned in Nabokov’s effortlessly gorgeous, silvery prose. An old Jewish couple goes to visit their son in the mental hospital, only to be turned away because […]

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Tuletta Guide

CoffeeTale… Coffeefusion Latte Art Tutorial – Tuletta Guide

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Coffee I Love You

CoffeeTale Comedy… Papa Bear

Papa Bear tossed and turned, but could not fall asleep. When his restlessness woke Mama Bear, she cried in exasperation; “How many times do I have to tell you? No coffee after September.”       Four surgeons were taking a coffee break and were discussing their work. The first one said, “I think accountants […]

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Spiritual Workings Behind the Glitches in the Matrix

Can someone please explain the spiritual workings behind what I like to call ‘glitches in the matrix’ – for example where you haven’t spoken to or thought about someone in months or even years and then they cross your mind and then you hear from them?   Do you have an answer for this person.  Comment […]

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CoffeeTales… Noble Prize Winner Alice Munro

Deep-Holes Sally packed devilled eggs—something she usually hated to take on a picnic, because they were so messy. Ham sandwiches, crab salad, lemon tarts—also a packing problem. Kool-Aid for the boys, a half bottle of Mumm’s for herself and Alex. She would have just a sip, because she was still nursing. She had bought plastic […]

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Free Refill

CoffeeTale Comedy… Price of Coffee

Price of Coffee A guy walks into a coffee shop and asks the waitress: “How much is the coffee?” “Coffee is four dollars the waitress says”. “How much is a refill?” the man asks. “Free, “says the waitress. “Then I’ll take a refill!” the man responds. You Should STOP drinking coffee if… You chew on […]

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The Continuation Part 2 The day could have gone worst I told myself, when I walked away from Jon.  And when you tell yourself that you don’t think theoretically speaking, they day would get worst.  You’d expect the day to go by just like it already has as you collected your fair dose of humiliation […]

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CoffeeTale: Am I Just Being Paranoid

Dear CoffeeTale, I am married and have been for a 4 years.  I don’t think that my husband is cheating on my but, I can’t help but wonder sometimes.  I am not the jealous type of person, but, I can certainly get stirred up sometimes, if you know what I mean.  I really don’t understand […]

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Coffee Comedy

Q: Why is a bad cup of coffee the end of a marriage? A: Because it’s GROUNDS for divorce! Q: Why is Starbucks removing the trans-fat from their menu? A: Because they want that Frappacino to pad your ass without clogging your arteries! Q: What is best Beatles song? A: Latte Be! Q: What do […]

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