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My Friends Are Toxic

My Friends are Toxic.  I love people, but, for some reason I attract backstabbing, mean-spirited people in my life. I hear that they are talking behind my back, gossiping.  I tell them something good that is happening in my life and they make snide remarks or give me crooked smiles.  I thought that it was […]

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My 15 Year Old Daughter

Dear CoffeeTale, You are not going to believe this but… my daughter hates me. Not just simple jealousy and dislike in my taste in clothes, style of hair, but a downright loathing for me. And there is nothing that I can do to bring her around. I can tell her a million times that I […]

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You Cant Love Dylan Kovach

Why You Can’t Love Dylan Kovach

Dylan Kovach had everything he wanted given to him on a silver platter, money looks of a god that can be considered as a sin or a crime and the list goes on.  He is a short tempered guy with a big ego and things that every woman wants him.  And it is true.  All […]

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Alice Monroe

Nobel Prize-Winning Writer Alice Munro

Calling her a “master of the contemporary short story,” the Swedish Academy awarded 82-year-old Alice Munro the Nobel Prize in Literature today. It is well-deserved, and hard-earned (and comes not long after she announced her retirement from fiction). After 14 story collections, Munro has reached at least a couple generations of writers with her psychologically […]

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Return to Paradise (Cover)

Return to Paradise

Return to Paradise by Eliza Riley Lisa gazed out over the Caribbean Sea, feeling the faint breeze against her face – eyes shut, the white sand warm between her bare toes. The place was beautiful beyond belief, but it was still unable to ease the grief she felt as she remembered the last time she […]

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