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Happy Barista Day March 1 2019 Australia Record Turnout in This Year Tanzania Arabica Coffee Prices Rise, Tracking New York Market

Happy Barista Day March 1 2019 Australia

Columbia Coffee Growers

Record Turnout in This Year’s Coffee Grower Elections in Colombia

Tanzania Coffee Prices

Tanzania Arabica Coffee Prices Rise, Tracking New York Market

Alice Monroe

Nobel Prize-Winning Writer Alice Munro

Calling her a “master of the contemporary short story,” the Swedish Academy awarded 82-year-old Alice Munro the Nobel Prize in Literature today. It is well-deserved, and hard-earned (and comes not long after she announced her retirement from fiction). After 14 story collections, Munro has reached at least a couple generations of writers with her psychologically […]

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Return to Paradise (Cover)

Return to Paradise

Return to Paradise by Eliza Riley Lisa gazed out over the Caribbean Sea, feeling the faint breeze against her face – eyes shut, the white sand warm between her bare toes. The place was beautiful beyond belief, but it was still unable to ease the grief she felt as she remembered the last time she […]

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3x3_Rohan Coffee with Albertsons

Albertsons Supermarket Chain Partner with Marley Coffee Plans Major Expansion

Did you know that Albertsons Southwestern Region Will be Carrying Three Marley Coffee Products in the US States of Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas? Marley Coffee (JAMN) (www.marleycoffee.com), an ethical farming, consciously sustainably grown artisan roasted coffee company has released expansion plans with Albertsons Supermarket, a U.S. grocery company based in Boise, Idaho.  Currently, Albertsons is carrying three Marley […]

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Coffee Outlet

Would You Believe Dunkin’ Donuts is Raising Prices

Amidst global shortage, Dunkin’ Donuts will be raising its coffee prices.   Ok, Folgers or Dunkin’ Donuts purchasers.  We have some bad news…  coffee from these guys is probably going to cost you more.  The CEO of Dunkin’ Brands, Nigel Travis stated on Monday that “store prices of coffee is going to go up, shouldn’t be by much, […]

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In the First Week The 10 – Hour Coffee Diet Gets Fantastic Results

Jennifer Jolan, weight loss expert and author, has released The 10-Hour Coffee Diet. Her latest book is a complete guide that helps anyone transform their body and health using three “weird” coffee weight-loss tricks. “It’s a wonderful way to lose weight and stay healthy, while avoiding harmful diet supplements and without starving yourself,” says Jolan. […]

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Hot date and Coffee 2

Coffee Can Get You a Job, Make You Win a Race and Win You That Hot Date

Coffee is a fascinating beverage because it is so interwoven into our culture, our lifestyles, and our ability to achieve our potential as human beings. Now wait a minute! Isn’t that last claim taking the coffee debate a little too far: coffee as an elixir for human potential? Well, coffee, in and of itself, is […]

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Coffee Diet

More on the Coffee Diet

NOTE: The intended audience for this article is the average coffee drinker who happens to be overweight. This is not intended as medical advice. This article is not geared toward athletes who are already lean and are trying to further reduce bodyfat levels. The author is a fitness-conscious coffee drinker — not a doctor, nutritionist […]

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Losing Weight and Coffee 2

A Coffee Diet?

Mind you, We are not Advocating this Diet, but, we found this very interesting and thought that you would too. The coffee diet incorporates coffee throughout the day to burn calories with each cup of coffee and it is purported to increase metabolic rate. As each person is different, there are possible risks to the health, […]

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The Key Is The Water

The Key to the Perfect Cup of Coffee is the Water Chris Hendon, computational chemist, writing for the Royal Society of Chemistry, University of Bath, has assisted a local British barista win the title of “world’s best barista”.  He is quoted as saying, “the secret to success lies in using the perfect water.”  As brewing […]

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Coffee rust reaches new heights in Central America

FRAIJANES, Guatemala (AP) — For years, Hernan Argueta’s small plot of coffee plants seemed immune to the fungus spreading elsewhere in Central America. The airborne disease that strikes coffee plants, flecking their leaves with spots and causing them to wither and fall off, failed to do much damage in the cooler elevations of Guatemala’s mountains. […]

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