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CoffeeTale: Am I Just Being Paranoid

Dear CoffeeTale,

I am married and have been for a 4 years.  I don’t think that my husband is cheating on my but, I can’t help but wonder sometimes.  I am not the jealous type of person, but, I can certainly get stirred up sometimes, if you know what I mean.  I really don’t understand men.  And we haven’t been getting along lately.  We are looking at relocating, and I am not working, he is the only income. So, I am sure that places a lot of stress on us.  And I have read the Men are from Venus, or whatever it is, and it sounds true, but, I still can’t figure him out.  I feel that he doesn’t want or need me.  And I have good intuition.  I call it my ‘spider senses’.

Any way, I was starving for lunch and I thought that I would get takeaway from my favourite Chinese restaurant.  While I was there I thought that I might pick up extra for my husband.  He was working today.  He is a carpenter and has been working for this female subcontractor, whom I am sure has the hots for him.  Is it ok for a woman to have the hots for another woman’s husband and actually be totally transparent about it?  Personally, I don’t think so.  And what can I do about it if that is true.  I have heard o wives who have rocked up to the woman in question and deck them, but, I am so not the physical type.  At any rate, I thought that I would pick up a bit extra Chinese food for him and her if she is around.  I am certain that she would be around.  I didn’t know exactly where he was working but, he did say in the San Clemente heights, so I started driving to find him  Is that stalking if he is your husband?  I don’t think so.  At any rate, I did find his truck and I pulled up, got out of the car and rang the doorbell.  He walked up, didn’t flinch or care that I rocked up unannounced, I cautiously looked around to see if I could she that, that woman.  I put the food down and looked around.  My husband was still in the middle of work and he went back up to the bedroom to continue until he was at a good spot.  I went up and there she was.  She didn’t hear me at the door and boy did she look guilty as she came in.  I tell you, I am not prone to exaggeration, and she definitely looked like she was going to make a move.  She stammered, ‘what you are doing here”? “Oh:, I said in my bravest, controlled voice, “I just brought some Chinese food for my husband, and you are welcome to have some if you like”.  Joan, that was here name, she gathered her courage and said composedly, “Oh, no that’s ok”.  “Richard, I will be waiting here for you when you finish”.  I didn’t like the way that sounded, so I grabbed him by the arm and ushered him downstairs.  I did it so casually, that I don’t think that he knew that I was trying to get him as far away from him as possible.  We sat down and ate.  I made light conversation, I couldn’t believe that she had ‘Invited him back the Bedroom” Am I being paranoid or is Joan after my man?


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