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The Continuation

Part 2

The day could have gone worst I told myself, when I walked away from Jon.  And when you tell yourself that you don’t think theoretically speaking, they day would get worst.  You’d expect the day to go by just like it already has as you collected your fair dose of humiliation already.  But no, my day just got worst after Jon left me.  It got worst than I anticipated.

It started when Jon managed to get alone time with me since all of his friends were in class and he decided to go for a toilet break.  Little did I know that he timed it so that he could bump into me.

With Jamie Woon, Shoulda blaring in my ears, and whilst walking towards the library, a hand had snatched around my back and pulled me straight into an empty computer room.  The door shut behind me just as I turned around and came face to face with Jon.

I grinned at him instantly, his whole self lightening up my face.  I pulled out my headphones and put a pause on my music.  “Hey.” I gushed out.

Jon smiled at me softly, his soft chocolate eyes warming instantly.  “Got to tell you something.”

I raised my eyebrows at him, catching my lower lip with my teeth.  Jon took a step back and planted himself on the desk behind him, intertwining his fingers together.

“I’m going out with my friends tonight.”

I nodded my head slowly, itching him to go on.  So what if he wasg oing out with his friends?

He eyed me carefully when he spoke the next wordsa.  “I’ll be home late…”

Ah. Right.

“I’ll just.”

Jon cut me short quickly.  “Ill text you when I get home and if you’re still awake we can maybe?”

I felt like he was cutting short our year-long arrangement.  I smiled at him even though my insides clenched.  “It’s cool.  I’ll probably be sleep by then.” I said dimissingly, even throwing in a wave of my hand.  I wasn’t planning sleeping at all.

Jon pushed himself away from the table and started coming closer.  I backed away until I was pressed against the wall.  Jon smirked, running his fingertip down the length of my jaw.  It left a fire trail that reached me right to the end of my toes.

“See you tonight,” he whispered, his voice filled with empty promises.  And then he was gone.

Last night

“Which side?” Jon asked with a glint in his eye.  I stared at him, pursing my lips.

“Left” I said carefully, putting my shoes off and tucking it under his bed.

Jon threw off his shirt, his perfect sculpted check slapping me right in the face.  I turned my head around, fighting the furious blush that overpowered my face.  Instead, I focused solemnly on the poster on his wall.  It was a black outlineof a moterbike, his name scribbled on the bottom dutifully.  I always admired his secret drawing skills.

Besides the poster hung a long line of medals he won during his stint in school.  He really was a talented person.

“Which type?”

I turned my head around to face him and saw he was tucked under his covers, on the right side.  I put off my socks and joined him slowly. As soon as I slipped under, his hand snaked around my waist and he spooned me against his chest.  His legs pressed tightly against the back of mine.  I tucked head under his chin, slowly interlacing our fingers.  “Please say type A,” Jon muttered underneath his breath, his words grazing my ear.  I knew he was teasing.

Type A only happened once and that was on my birthday.  Never again would I let that happen because I cam out he other end a total wreck.  I wasn’t sure if Jon know that but Type A was never going to happen again.

“Type B.” I whispered.  I felt him sigh but he clutched me tighter instead.  It was silent for a few seconds.

It was silent for a few second, both of us lost in our own thoughts.  Jon and I… we had something no one knew of and we happily kept it at that.  I didn’t think I was ever going to let others know about us simply because Jon would get frowned up.

I felt his soft lips press a chasre kiss against my neck.  I heard him breathe me in.  “You smell so good.”  I grinned, giving my citrus scented shampoo a solid ten.  “You’re comfy.”

Jon reached over my head and put off his side light and then we were in total darkness.  I loved it.

“Goodnight Andy.”

Night Jon.”

I took me less than a second to fall asleep.

I heard Jon’s friends pull up just after three in the morning.  I shot up from bed instantly, jumping to the window.  If I stood at the other end, I could perfectly see the front side of his house.  His parents were out of town for a couple of days so the house was empty.

I saw his friends pick him up just after nine and he was dressed so perfectly with his washed out jeans and long-sleeved black v-neck shirt.  His hair was curled on the top of his head and he had a brown beanie on.

Gosh, perfection.

I turned back around to my bed, picking up my pillow and started on throwing them on my bed.  I heard his friends shouting and yelling, all sounding drunk but funny at the same time.  They yelled out things I couldn’t make out as I threw the coves over the pillows that wee spread on my bed.

Jon had left his curtains open, and just before he left, he had called my name.

“Wait up for me okay!” he had shouted, in a rush.  I laughed at him which had earned me a small scowl.

“Shut it or you’re getting Type A tonight.”  That had immediately shut me oup.  And now, I stood right at my window, waiting for him to come in.  His friend’s car was long gone and now I was slightly worried why Jon was taking so long to come to his room.

He was probably checking around the house. 

Just as I contemplated to get inside his room, his door opened.  My heart stopped when I saw who stumbled in.  Or more likely, who Jon stumbled in with.  My gasp was so loud, I feared my parents heard me.  Iput a hand over my mouth, stuck watching a girl shove her tongue down jon’s throat.  And he was doing it right back.

I new it was so wrong to wath but my feet wouldn’t move and my head was spirally wildly.  Before I knew it, Jon had the girl nearly naked and on his bed.  Jon lost everything except his briefs.

When Jon dropped his face inside her neck, the girl turned her face towards me, her eyes closed and face portaying all shades of pleasure.   It was a girl I recognised fom our school, Marie.

When I heard her cry out, I knew it was my cue to get the hell away from my window.

I walked backwards, until the back of my knees hit my bed.  I threw myself in, pulling the covers right to my chin.  I felt something burn and when I focused properly, I new it was my heart that was burning.  Looked like Jon will be getting Type A tonight.  Just not with me.

Oh my God

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