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Dear CoffeeTale… I am involved with a Married Man

I am involved with a married man. I know that he loves me. He tells me that I am special and that we are soul mates. I want to spend more time with him, but, he has a family as well. Only one child but, it is enough to keep me at bay, sometimes.   The wife lives overseas at this time, and he has custody over the child.  He has had a hard time managing the little girl so, I thought I could help out.  She is such a perfect little girl.  5 years old and full of spirit.  That is saying it nicely.  She actually has her daddy wrapped around her little finger, but he doesn’t care.  She is absolutely gorgeous and has many friends.  I have become responsible for assisting in some of the daughter’s social functions, but, not enough to make me Mom.  I’m not sure I even want that title.  I have always been a career woman and the thought of having, caring for children had never been high on my list.

The father and I have been seeing each other for a few years and truly there appears to be no end in sight for the sneaking around. The husbands friends and associates know that he is married, and that I hand around him and his daughter a lot.  They haven’t said anything, but I can feel what they are thinking…  What should I do?

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