Happy Barista Day March 1 2019 Australia

Let us congratulate Australia’s Barista of Choice 2019 Celeste Norris of Good 2 Go Cafe, Melbourne, Australia.

Celeste, who is a key member of the coffee community in Melbourne, commented: “To be crowned Australia’s first ‘Barista of Choice’ is just incredible. She said further, that “being a barista is more than a job for me as it enables me to use my passion to teach people valuable skills to improve their lives,” she said.

The inauguration took place last Friday 1st March, 2019.

As ‘Barista of Choice’, Celeste goes home with $5,000 cash to help enhance her career and attend Barista MasterClass with Barista Champion from Poland, Aga Rojewska.

Celeste will not be the only person receiving cash today. There are nine other star baristas who received $1,000 and special mention.

Unbelievably there were over 2,000 nominations from all over the country. Baristas were judged based not only on their skills but, their activity in the community at large. A Barista is not only a food creator, but, a counsellor, mentor, friend and member of the family.

The Australian Barista Census research released today to mark the industry celebration confirms that 82% of Australian baristas own or work in an independent café*, and 75% of Australians enjoy at least one cup of coffee per day**, reinforcing the need to officially honour the 30,000+ baristas in Australia.

Like Sheldon’s Cooper’s mother coaching to Sheldon to offer a warm beverage to a person who is upset, the Barista is offering everyone a cup of warm and feel better.-)

Thank you Big Bang for making our point.

This, the Barista Award lol, really highlighted how pivotal the barista is to the community and people’s lives. Cafes are important. Barista schools are very important, and some of the stories about the amazing customer service and friendship our baristas provide can’t be taught. Barista is Australia’s 10 fastest growing job and clearly one can see why. We love our Baristas!

Thank you,


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