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Happy Barista Day March 1 2019 Australia

Let us congratulate Australia’s Barista of Choice 2019 Celeste Norris of Good 2 Go Cafe, Melbourne, Australia. Celeste, who is a key member of the coffee community in Melbourne, commented: “To be crowned Australia’s first ‘Barista of Choice’ is just incredible. She said further, that “being a barista is more than a job for me […]

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Columbia Coffee Growers

Record Turnout in This Year’s Coffee Grower Elections in Colombia

Colombian Coffee Growers Federation September 8, 2014 6:55 PM COLOMBIA–(Marketwired – Sep 8, 2014) – According to preliminary figures received from 96% of the polling stations thus far, a total of 245,180 farmers in 568 municipalities in 17 departments of Colombia participated in Colombia’s coffee grower elections which took place on September 6 and 7. […]

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Tanzania Coffee Prices

Tanzania Arabica Coffee Prices Rise, Tracking New York Market

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) – Tanzania’s Arabica coffee prices rose at auction last week, tracking higher New York markets as demand increased, the regulator Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB) said on Tuesday.     Prices of Robusta coffee beans fell at the second auction of the season, but all the bags on offer were sold.     Tanzania, […]

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Cold Brew

Coffee: How Old-Brew Became the Hot New Thing

This summer, cutting-edge coffee has been all about cold-brew, a centuries-old brew method that offers coffee geeks fresh nuances in flavour. And it is one that you can easily try at home. But why is it getting baristas so excited? Cold Brew … for cool customers only? In 2014, keeping pace with coffee can be […]

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News Break

CoffeeTale Breaking News… Trending September 6 2014

1.  Kate Hudson I love Fashion but Dress for Myself 2.  Joan Rivers most scathing Red Carpet Fashion Criticism ‘She’s a Disaster’ 3.  Scarlett Johansson Names Daughter Rose Dorothy, Coincidental Nod to the Golden Girls 4.  2014 FIBA World Cup Basketball: Greece Beats Argentina; Tops Group B 5.  Destiny: new game expected to draw 10 […]

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CoffeeTales… Noble Prize Winner Alice Munro

Deep-Holes Sally packed devilled eggs—something she usually hated to take on a picnic, because they were so messy. Ham sandwiches, crab salad, lemon tarts—also a packing problem. Kool-Aid for the boys, a half bottle of Mumm’s for herself and Alex. She would have just a sip, because she was still nursing. She had bought plastic […]

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The Facts and History Surrounding Costa Rica and Coffee

Coffee and Costa Rica: “He proudly shows us the branches of the coffee trees, bent under the weight of their crop. He touches them tenderly, as a father would his children… his eyes shining with happiness. ‘Do you know, doctor, why these branches curve so toward the earth? They are grateful to the farmer, and […]

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Fresh Shade Grown Organic Coffee

Puerto Rico is a diverse country that has its own authentic flavour and cuisine, formulated from American, African, and Spanish influences. When it comes to coffee drinking, Puerto Rico is a country to take notice of. This is because they produce a strong and rich coffee product that for over 300 years has been cultivated […]

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Coffee Outlet

Would You Believe Dunkin’ Donuts is Raising Prices

Amidst global shortage, Dunkin’ Donuts will be raising its coffee prices.   Ok, Folgers or Dunkin’ Donuts purchasers.  We have some bad news…  coffee from these guys is probably going to cost you more.  The CEO of Dunkin’ Brands, Nigel Travis stated on Monday that “store prices of coffee is going to go up, shouldn’t be by much, […]

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Hot date and Coffee 2

Coffee Can Get You a Job, Make You Win a Race and Win You That Hot Date

Coffee is a fascinating beverage because it is so interwoven into our culture, our lifestyles, and our ability to achieve our potential as human beings. Now wait a minute! Isn’t that last claim taking the coffee debate a little too far: coffee as an elixir for human potential? Well, coffee, in and of itself, is […]

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