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Puerto Rico is a diverse country that has its own authentic flavour and cuisine, formulated from American, African, and Spanish influences. When it comes to coffee drinking, Puerto Rico is a country to take notice of. This is because they produce a strong and rich coffee product that for over 300 years has been cultivated there.

Coffee grows best at mid to high altitudes. This is one of the reasons that Puerto Rico has a coffee crop that thrives. Puerto Rico provides this high altitude atmosphere for coffee growing. The atmosphere for growing coffee is important to provide a superior coffee crop. The reason is because it provides a cloud cover to the coffee trees, allowing them to grow at a slower rate to develop and mature their flavours much more deeply. Originally, Puerto Rico imported their coffee from their neighbouring country, the Dominican Republic. Today, coffee is one of the main exports of this island and a staple of the native culture.

Initially, coffee was first introduced to Puerto Rico when it was brought in from Costa Rica in the 1700s. Several decades later, coffee beans have become an important crop exported by this small island. Nowadays, Puerto Rican coffee is recognized as being a premium variety worldwide.
Many coffee companies import their coffee beans from Brazil. This is because in that particular part of South America coffee also grows good and is available in abundance making it more profitable for a company to buy their bean from there and have the largest cost to profit ratio. However, as a coffee drinker, there is a significant difference in flavour between Puerto Rican and Brazilian coffee. Brazilian coffee produces a lighter flavour with less complexity in the brew. On the flipside, authentic Puerto Rican coffee is full-bodied and rich with fully developed flavours. It is something that can be noticed on the palate, and it provides a memorable coffee experience compared to other beans cultivated worldwide.

Authentic Puerto Rican coffee is traditionally brewed on the stove top. The ratio of coffee to water is normally 1teaspoon to 1 cup of water. In order to brew in the traditional way, you would bring the water to an almost boiling point on the stove to and then add the coffee grounds allowing them to sit and steep for multiple minutes. Finally you would strain the coffee through a filter or cheese cloth directly into your cup.

In the modern world, there is little time to brew coffee like this. That is why we have provided our roast specifically roasted and ground for use in a standard auto drip coffee maker. Furthermore, as the use of single cup coffee makers has become more popular, our beans can also be used in them with the coffee adaptor that these coffee machine manufacturers provide with them. K cups have become exceedingly more popular due to the convenience they provide, but at the same time they are a nightmare to the environment. So why not take the extra couple seconds it requires to put the grounds in the single cup adapter and brew your Favorite blend of our exquisite coffee roasts.

This is definitely a delicious brew to try black because it brings so many flavours to the table, and it can be sweetened with sugar and milk to your liking. Puerto Rican coffee offers a one-of-a-kind flavour profile and taste!

Thank you Leif Divoll.

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